Notes From The Chemo Cafe…

There is a certain smell that I have a hard time describing when I walk into the oncologists office. If I had to pick, I would say it’s a metallic odor mixed with plastic and disinfectant. It hits you like a Great Dane going full speed. The short walk to the infusion/chemo area can be best described as The Green Mile. It’s only a few feet from the area they do blood tests, which is always done prior to chemo to make sure your still alive and the insurance company isn’t being billed needlessly.  So you gather your things and start on the million mile walk to a free recliner hoping its not next to a chatter box. I love a good conversation just as much as the next girl, but seriously, I don’t want to hear about your first car when Nixon was President or how you were able to hook up the microwave to a generator when you lost power so you could make bacon for your elderly Shih Tzu..

Call me cranky if you like, I don’t mind. This fucked up journey all pancreatic cancer patients are on allows us to be so. We all wear crowns and tiaras that give us super powers, one of which is to politely pretend we lost the call on our phones when we have to hear about your normal life and the plans your making…Are we cranky? I guess so..Don’t hold it against us, we still love you…


Said Great Danes…A combined weight of 280lbs….When they get the zoomies, your best bet is to say a quick prayer and get out of the way….IMG_1051.jpg

10 Replies to “Notes From The Chemo Cafe…”

  1. Ever honest – one could always trust that you’re a straight shot. Who could help but respect & appreciate a person who tells it as it is. Not sugar coated nor exagerated just reliably from the heart.

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  2. Thank you Mike. I appreciate your interest in my blog/rant.. My husband is also my primary caregiver despite his overwhelming job. It’s hard for me to see the daily stress placed upon him24/7.. Il’l be following your story as well and my best to your wife.


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