In the past few months, I have come to learn all about balance’. As most cancer warriors can attest to, you walk a very very fine line with regards to your own mortality.  The delicate balancing act of caustic meds, staying hydrated (the hardest for me) eating well or even eating at all which is so very hard for many must be carefully orchestrated.  A dear fellow warrior has to figure out how to get their blood work to a place that will allow them surgery. Sodium, potassium, white blood cells, red blood cells – it goes on and on. If these numbers are not perfectly in place, it could delay a surgery.  Again, a balancing act that anyone with cancer becomes fairly accustomed to though not always successfully .

I just finished my 8th round of Folfurinox.  Click on the link to learn more about this form of chemotherapy. The side effects are cumulative so as the weeks go on, my balance’ becomes harder and harder to coordinate.  I happen to have the worlds most adorable oncologist, Naim Nazha. A sweet teddy bear of a doctor who never forgets to give my cheek a squeeze when I leave the room. How this man manages to keep a cheerful demeanor all day is way beyond my comprehension. This is also a balance‘ . Seeing multiple patients in various stages of disease all day long, week after week and managing to give them a smile or a squeeze on the cheek is this doctor’s own form of balance’ . 

I’ve come to notice we all have our own method of balance‘.  Whether we are balancing our personal and business lives, our children schedules and non-stop chauffeuring, friends and family time or what should I do to today to stay hydrated and out of the ER?.   We must all figure out the best way to accomplish this while maintaining our sanity. Not an easy task by any means, but certainly doable.

If you know anyone with cancer, who may need some additional emotional support, please suggest they contact As a long time volunteer, I can attest to the fact that emotional support is the cornerstone of balance’, and that balance’ is everything.


The term balance‘ is a rocking step. The weight is shifted from one foot to the other. (ba-lahn-SAY) (en tournant).  This rocking motion is difficult to do successfully . It must be fluid and look natural or you look like a pendulum just going back and forth with no finesse.  Practice your balance’ and see how your life can take to it easily and naturally.

17 Replies to “Balance’”

  1. I feel guilty passing a cup, glass, bottle, or ocean full of water and not drinking it. Amazing how the huge things fade and glasses of water, usually a small thing, take precedence. As you say, balance…..and hydration. What a beautifully written article. It not only resonates with us warriors, but with everyone. You continue to amaze.

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    1. Thank you Mrs. Geller. Your a warrior we should all admire and look to for guidance. You gave me many good snippets of advice when my kiddies were little and I remember them them all.


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